Ed Sheeran Ketchup bottle sells for over $1,800
Three limited-edition bottles of Heinz Tomato Ketchup based on the tattoos of British songwriter Ed Sheeran, a dedicated fan of the condiment, sold at auction in London on Thursday.

'Recreating Woodstock': how festival came together, and almost fell apart
New documentary 'Creating Woodstock' sheds light on how the legendary music festival Woodstock was put together some 50 years ago. Rough Cut. No Reporter Narration

Jury finds 'Hollywood Ripper' guilty of murder
A California jury on Thursday found accused 'Hollywood Ripper' serial killer Michael Thomas Gargiulo guilty of murder and attempted murder. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Astronaut plays first ever DJ set from International Space Station
DJ Luca Parmitano became the first astronaut to play a live DJ set while in orbit.

Rapper A$AP Rocky found guilty, but walks free
A Swedish court found U.S. rapper A$AP Rocky and two friends guilty of assault, but spared them jail sentences. They were arrested after a street brawl in Stockholm. Matthew Larotonda reports.


Portugal, Ireland woes dominate EU summit
BRUSSELS -- Just on the day EU leaders were hoping to present the final version of their plan to solve the region's debt crisis, their summit in Brussels was overwhelmed Thursday by debate over Portugal's political crisis and Ireland's banking woes.

Moody's downgrades ratings of Spanish banks
MADRID -- Moody's downgraded the debt of 30 Spanish banks Thursday but left untouched the ratings of the country's three largest banks, highlighting the weaknesses in Spain's financial system a day after the government in neighboring Portugal fell.

Markets brush off Portuguese bailout concerns
LONDON -- Markets on Thursday brushed aside mounting speculation that Portugal would soon be tapping a European bailout fund amid hopes that the continent's debt crisis may be about to claim its final scalp - for now.

Japan disaster reminds businesses about insurance
NEW YORK -- It might be inconceivable to small business owners that a disaster hundreds or thousands of miles away could shut them down. But the earthquake and tsunami in Japan have interrupted shipments of parts and finished goods to companies in the U.S., and sent many of them to call their...

Irish economy shrinks for 3rd straight year
DUBLIN -- Ireland's economy shrank in 2010 for the third straight year and the yields on Irish bonds rose to euro-era highs Thursday amid fears that the cost of rescuing the country's failed banks will overwhelm its finances even with the international bailout.


Researchers try to understand naked mole rats' resistance to cancer
With their pinkish, translucent and wrinkly skin, double-saber buck teeth and black-bead eyes, naked mole rats look like characters in a nightmare from hell. In fact, they do live underground in pitch-dark burrows where their air, from a human point of view, can contain chokingly little oxygen, t...

Doctors try new models to push health insurers aside
Just about everyone agrees that the way we pay for primary care needs fixing. Under the current insurance model, doctors get paid for procedures and tests rather than for time spent with patients, which displeases doctors and patients alike and increases costs. Now some medical practices are side...

Medigap supplemental coverage can be too pricey for younger Medicare beneficiaries
One night three years ago, Joe Hobson finished reading a book, went to sleep and woke up blind. The problem, caused by a rare hereditary disease, forced him to give up his 20-year communications job, along with its generous health insurance. Now 63, the Arlington man is covered by Medicare, the f...

Breathless, but not from asthma

Fish and seafood recipe recommendations
Jennifer LaRue Huget offers some suggestions

'Not as bad as you'd imagine' hot dog flavored ice cream in NY
The 'Ice Dog Sandwich,' a hot dog flavored ice cream sandwich with candied Oscar Mayer wieners and spicy mustard ice cream, debuts in New York's Bryant Park. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Lima mayor accepts 'wheelchair challenge'
Lima’s Mayor Jorge Munoz accepts a 'wheelchair challenge' from para-athlete, Pilar Jauregui, to get a taste of life on two wheels in the city he governs. Gavino Garay gives a closer look.

NYC's largest rooftop farm grows in Brooklyn
Brooklyn Grange's newest rooftop farm in Sunset Park spans 55,000 square feet of cultivated space. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

No boys have been born here in almost a decade
When the Polish village of Miejsce Odrzanskie volunteer fire brigade members stand for roll call, they are not only preparing to fight fires - they are also fighting gender stereotypes. Francesca Lynagh reports.

Scaramucci a 'nervous, neurotic wreck': Trump
President Donald Trump on Tuesday belittled Anthony Scaramucci, his former communications director of 11 days, branding him a "disaster" and said he would not take him back into his administration, after Scaramucci was critical about Trump in an interview with CNN. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

This Day in History

Michael Phelps Wins Record-Breaking Eight Gold Medals (2008)
Phelps is an American swimmer who, at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, broke the record for the number of gold medals won at a single Olympics. He won gold in every one of his eight events, surpassing American swimmer Mark Spitz's seven-gold performance at the 1972 Munich Olympics. In seven of his races, Phelps set world records. Combined with the six gold and two bronze medals he won in Athens in 2004, Phelps has a total of 16 Olympic medals, two shy of the record held by what athlete? Discuss

Joseph Kittinger Parachutes from a Balloon at 102,800 feet (31,300 m) (1960)
Kittinger is a former command pilot and career military officer in the US Air Force known for setting a number of records, including highest parachute jump and fastest speed reached by a human traveling through the atmosphere. As part of the Air Force's Project Excelsior, in 1960, he jumped from a balloon nearly 20 miles above the earth and fell for 4 minutes and 36 seconds before opening his parachute. He reached a speed of 614 mph (988 km/h) and came how close to breaking the sound barrier?

Foundation Stone Laid for Cologne Cathedral in Germany (1248)
The Cologne Cathedral is the largest cathedral in northern Europe. It contains the paintings of Stephen Lochner and is believed to hold the relics of the Wise Men of the East. Built in the Gothic style, it was begun in 1248 on the site of an older church. The nave and two spires—each of which is 515 ft (157 m) high—were included in the original plans but built later, between 1842 and 1880. For the next four years, it was the tallest structure in the world, until the completion of what structure?

Ancestry® Unveils Two Unique Holocaust Record Collections, Making Them Searchable Online for the First Time Ever
As part of our philanthropic initiative to make culturally important records available to everyone, we are honored to announce that we have digitized millions of Holocaust and Nazi persecution related archives. These new records will be accessible globally to the public – members and non- members alike – on https://www.ancestry.com/alwaysremember on a permanent basis. For Read More The post Ancestry® Unveils Two Unique Holocaust Record Collections, Making Them Searchable Online for the First Time Ever appeared first on Ancestry Blog.

Ancestry® Unveils Over 225 New Communities for Members Who Have Ties to France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand
At Ancestry®, we leverage the latest cutting-edge DNA science and technology to deliver detailed historical insights that empower you to uncover more about your family’s origins. Today, we released over 225 new AncestryDNA® communities to help our members who have ties to France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, empowering them to unlock Read More The post Ancestry® Unveils Over 225 New Communities for Members Who Have Ties to France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand appeared first on Ancestry Blog.

Ancestry Surpasses 15 Million DNA Customers
We are thrilled to celebrate a groundbreaking Ancestry milestone with all of you: more than 15 million customers have received DNA results! We are honored to have played a role in empowering the journeys of personal discovery for over 15 million people around the world through AncestryDNA, it is a true sign of how deeply Read More The post Ancestry Surpasses 15 Million DNA Customers appeared first on Ancestry Blog.

Understanding Your New Ethnicity Estimate
We’re always looking for new ways to help support our customers on their journeys of personal discovery. Often that means updating our products and services to take advantage of the most advanced science and technology. Last fall, we introduced the capability to provide more precise ethnicity estimates to our customers using an algorithm that analyzes Read More The post Understanding Your New Ethnicity Estimate appeared first on Ancestry Blog.

How Many DNA Tests Does One Family Need?
The short answer is, How many people are in your family? If you’ve already taken the AncestryDNA® test, you may think you’re done.  You could test other family members, but since you’re related, they will have the same results as you, right? Not exactly. Both you and your biological family inherited your DNA from your Read More The post How Many DNA Tests Does One Family Need? appeared first on Ancestry Blog.

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Instagram now lets users flag misinformation
Instagram is rolling out a new feature that allows users to flag misinformation.

How Jeff Bezos changed the world
It's hard to tell just one story about the first 25 years of Amazon.

Poppy Harlow looks at how an online bookstore transformed into a business empire in the CNN Special Report "The Age of Amazon."

Twitch vs. Mixer: The new streaming war
Mac vs. PC. Android vs. iPhone. Twitch vs. Mixer?

California lawmakers want to ban facial-recognition technology in police body camera
Almost one of five California state legislators was falsely flagged as a criminal in an ACLU test.

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Watch a giant glacier collapse in front of two kayakers
Andrew Hooper and Josh Bastyr were kayaking near Spencer Glacier in Alaska when they heard cracking noises. Moments later, the massive glacier collapsed right in front of them.

5 scariest roller coaster drops around the world
Roller coaster fans savor every second of the ride, but there's something really special about that big drop.

Are cruise ships fueling overtourism?
Cruise operators say they are working hard to mitigate their impact on crowded tourist destinations and the main problems lie elsewhere, but some campaigners insist limiting ship access is the only answer.

Possibly the strangest hike you'll ever take
The Doll's Head Trail near Atlanta, Georgia, is probably the strangest hike you can ever take. Find out how folk art displays of disembodied dolls' heads and other found objects create a creepy but fun Southern menagerie.

Traveling to Hong Kong? Here's what you need to know
Over the past 10 weeks, shocking images have emerged from Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests: tear gas has been fired outside shops, protesters and police have clashed in dramatic face-offs, and thousands of demonstrators occupied the city's airport.