Stanley Kubrick's legacy is remembered at the Design Musuem
Exhibition dedicated to Stanley Kubrick opens in London this week looking at the late American director's acclaimed film-work 20 years after his death. Rough cut (No reporter narration).

Madonna releases new music video
The pop star released her music video on Thursday (April 25) for single 'Medellin', the first song from her latest album "Madame X". Rough cut (no reporter narration).

Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern pull off literary hoax in 'J.T. LeRoy'
The actresses were at the Hollywood premiere on Wednesday (April 24) for the film based on a true story. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

Netflix, Amazon score win in Oscars rule battle
In a win for Netflix, Amazon and other internet streaming services, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has voted not to change its rules for winning an Oscar, Hollywood’s top prize.

EXCLUSIVE: Star struck, Airbnb heads to Hollywood
Airbnb, the high-flying startup for booking home rentals around the world, has ambitions to develop original shows that could whet customers' appetite for travel, people familiar with the strategy told Reuters.

Portugal, Ireland woes dominate EU summit
BRUSSELS -- Just on the day EU leaders were hoping to present the final version of their plan to solve the region's debt crisis, their summit in Brussels was overwhelmed Thursday by debate over Portugal's political crisis and Ireland's banking woes.

Moody's downgrades ratings of Spanish banks
MADRID -- Moody's downgraded the debt of 30 Spanish banks Thursday but left untouched the ratings of the country's three largest banks, highlighting the weaknesses in Spain's financial system a day after the government in neighboring Portugal fell.

Markets brush off Portuguese bailout concerns
LONDON -- Markets on Thursday brushed aside mounting speculation that Portugal would soon be tapping a European bailout fund amid hopes that the continent's debt crisis may be about to claim its final scalp - for now.

Japan disaster reminds businesses about insurance
NEW YORK -- It might be inconceivable to small business owners that a disaster hundreds or thousands of miles away could shut them down. But the earthquake and tsunami in Japan have interrupted shipments of parts and finished goods to companies in the U.S., and sent many of them to call their...

Irish economy shrinks for 3rd straight year
DUBLIN -- Ireland's economy shrank in 2010 for the third straight year and the yields on Irish bonds rose to euro-era highs Thursday amid fears that the cost of rescuing the country's failed banks will overwhelm its finances even with the international bailout.

Researchers try to understand naked mole rats' resistance to cancer
With their pinkish, translucent and wrinkly skin, double-saber buck teeth and black-bead eyes, naked mole rats look like characters in a nightmare from hell. In fact, they do live underground in pitch-dark burrows where their air, from a human point of view, can contain chokingly little oxygen, t...

Doctors try new models to push health insurers aside
Just about everyone agrees that the way we pay for primary care needs fixing. Under the current insurance model, doctors get paid for procedures and tests rather than for time spent with patients, which displeases doctors and patients alike and increases costs. Now some medical practices are side...

Medigap supplemental coverage can be too pricey for younger Medicare beneficiaries
One night three years ago, Joe Hobson finished reading a book, went to sleep and woke up blind. The problem, caused by a rare hereditary disease, forced him to give up his 20-year communications job, along with its generous health insurance. Now 63, the Arlington man is covered by Medicare, the f...

Breathless, but not from asthma

Fish and seafood recipe recommendations
Jennifer LaRue Huget offers some suggestions

Mrs. Dow Jones explains taxes using Cardi B

Viral selfie gorillas were copycatting humans
The ranger behind a viral selfie featuring two gorillas standing on their two legs has revealed that primates often imitate human behaviors in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Swedish VR gives fans insight into visually-impaired sports
A new VR device lets sports fans see through the eyes of the visually impaired.

'Eat bugs for the environment'
In an era where concern over the world's climate only continues to grow deeper, experts are regularly encouraging extreme and even creative action. One novel idea is eating insects. (Dan Fastenberg reports.)

U.S., France fly high as indoor skydiving champs
The United States walked away with three gold medals at the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) World Indoor Skydiving Championships which came to a close over the weekend, with host country France also scoring big. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

This Day in History

La Marseillaise, French National Anthem, Is Composed (1792)
Written and composed by French army officer Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle in 1792, La Marseillaise was adopted in 1795 as France's first anthem. Although it was then banned by Napoleon I, Louis XVIII, and Napoleon III, it was restored as France's national anthem in 1879. The evocative lyrics and recognizable tune of La Marseillaise have led to its use as a revolutionary anthem and have inspired many pieces of classical music and pop culture. What are some examples? Discuss

Hubble Space Telescope Launched (1990)
The Hubble Space Telescope is the most sophisticated optical observatory ever placed into orbit around Earth, able to view star material some 10 to 12 billion light years away. Because it is above Earth's obscuring atmosphere, it can obtain images that are much brighter, clearer, and more detailed than ground-based telescope images. Although a defect in the primary mirror initially caused it to produce fuzzy images, a 1993 shuttle mission fixed this. What are some of Hubble's most famous images?

Battle of Clontarf (1014)
The Battle of Clontarf was a decisive battle fought between Irish forces under the high king of Ireland, Brian Boru, and a Viking army formed by Sitric, king of the Dublin Norse. Brian's forces defeated the Vikings at Clontarf, near Dublin, but he was killed shortly thereafter by fleeing Norsemen. Brian's victory broke Viking power in Ireland, but, without a king, the country split into small, separate kingdoms that then fought one another. What was Wolf the Quarrelsome's role in the battle?

How Many DNA Tests Does One Family Need?
The short answer is, How many people are in your family? If you’ve already taken the AncestryDNA® test, you may think you’re done.  You could test other family members, but since you’re related, they will have the same results as you, right? Not exactly. Both you and your biological family inherited your DNA from your Read More The post How Many DNA Tests Does One Family Need? appeared first on Ancestry Blog.

You Asked, We Answered: New Updates to Our Latest Innovations
Last month at RootsTech our CEO Margo Georgiadis revealed three game changing innovations to give you a clearer and richer view of your history—helping you make more personal discoveries, faster. ThruLines™ illustrates how you may be connected to your DNA matches through a common ancestor — and gives you a clear view of how you’re Read More The post You Asked, We Answered: New Updates to Our Latest Innovations appeared first on Ancestry Blog.

DNA in Irish Research: The Missing Piece
Looking for your Irish ancestors can be like trying to put together a puzzle with only half the pieces. Many Irish records have been lost or destroyed, and oftentimes Irish ancestors who came to America left too few clues about where they came from. Fortunately, DNA can now provide much-needed puzzle pieces that can help Read More The post DNA in Irish Research: The Missing Piece appeared first on Ancestry Blog.

International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day is a day to honor and celebrate the strength that all women share. In honor of this special day, we are highlighting five customers’ ancestors this week who embody grace, determination, and perseverance against all odds. Check back each day to read another incredible story. My grandmother, Ruth Helen Jines Varner, was Read More The post International Womens Day appeared first on Ancestry Blog.

Ancestry® Announces Coveted Content Releases and New, Game-Changing Family History Research Tools at RootsTech 2019
For the 9th consecutive year, we are thrilled to be participating in RootsTech 2019 in Salt Lake City.  It’s such a special event that unites tens of thousands of people who are curious, excited and passionate about family history. For more than 30 years, we too have shared your passion and are proud to introduce Read More The post Ancestry® Announces Coveted Content Releases and New, Game-Changing Family History Research Tools at RootsTech 2019 appeared first on Ancestry Blog. - RSS Channel - App Tech Section

SoftBank teams up with Alphabet to deliver internet from the sky
Masayoshi Son is making a bid for the lead in a high-altitude race featuring fellow billionaires Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos.

Samsung's $1,300 Galaxy 5G phone is now available for preorder
The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is available for preorder Thursday from Verizon.

Facebook investigated in Ireland over mishandled passwords
Ireland's data regulator has opened an investigation into Facebook for mishandling the passwords for hundreds of millions of its users.

Uber wants to compete with public transit. These experts are horrified
Uber took down the taxi industry and now it wants a piece of public transit. That has transportation and urban planning experts deeply worried.

New Zealand and France urge Facebook and Google to do more to kick out terrorists
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron are taking tech CEOs to task over terrorist content that has been posted on their platforms. - RSS Channel - App Travel Section

Dream vacation? Running a bookstore in Scotland

Pike Place Market in Seattle: What to see and do
Pike Place Market is second only to the Space Needle as the most famous spot in Seattle.

Fire-hit hotel opens after $130M renovation
Just days after reopening following a lavish $130 million refurbishment, London's Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park hotel was closed by a fire. Nine months later it's finally back in business.

New airplane doesn't need an airport
They're called tilt-rotor aircraft. They hover like helicopters -- but they fly faster and farther -- like airplanes. The military has flown them for years.

Most beautiful places around the world
The world's a spectacular place, full of hidden and overt beauty in every corner. But beauty's also subjective. It'd be impossible to get a unanimous decision on the most beautiful places around the world -- but we think this list is a good start to plan your travels.