Wilford Cole in 1916 in Long Prairie, Minnesota
Wilford Cole in 1916 in Long Prairie, Minnesota
1) What was the date of the first Cole Clan Reunion?
2) Relatives of the Cole Clan include:
Queen Elizabeth II of England
James "Wild Bill" Hickock
Lucille Ball
All of the above

3) Wilford and Marie Cole farmed near:
Great Falls, Montana
Long Prairie, Minnesota
Loredo, Montana
Plentywood, Montana
4) Wilford Neal Cole's favorite song was:
Amazing Grace
Buggle Boy of Company 3
Baautiful Blue Eyes
When Irish Eyes Are Shining

5) Marie Shinner's family owned
A saw mill and hotel
The Shinners Block
A dairy farm
A Rolls Royce
6) Wilford Cole's Grandfather who served in the Revolutionary War was:
Dr. John Hubbard
Peter Cole
Hamilton Wright Hubbard
Zilpha Perkins

7) Cole ancestors:
Came to America on the Mayflower
Lived in a Tepee with American Indians and was a fur trapper
Are buried in BIg Sandy, Montana
All of the above
8) During the 2000 Cole Clan Reunion, Thelma and John Cole dressed as:
Charlie Brown and Snoopy
Cher and Sunny Bono
Old Mother Hubbard and Old King Cole
Little Boe Peep and her Sheep

9) During the 1997 Reunion, the winner of the scavenger hunt was:
Tom Cole Team
Linda Fossen Team
Dorothy Cole Team
Dick Cole Team
10) Wilford and Marie Cole liked to:
Give food to hungry people
Camp in the Bear Paws
Attend St. Jude's Church
All of the above